[Haskell-cafe] Repeating type variables in MultiParamTypeClasses instance heads

Leif-Erik Krüger stu204767 at mail.uni-kiel.de
Thu May 6 20:34:36 UTC 2021

Hello Haskell-Cafe,

I have a question regarding the rules on type class instances with the 
MultiParamTypeClasses extension.

For single-parameter type classes, there is the restriction that an 
instance head must have the form `C (T a1 ... an)`, where `C` is a type 
class, `T` is a data type constructor and `a1 ... an` are distinct type 
variables ( 
). To my knowledge, this restriction ensures the impossibility of 
potential overlap between instances (except for the case where two 
instance heads are equivalent, but this case is caught by an error 

This restriction can be lifted with the FlexibleInstances extension, so 
that instances like `instance C (a, a, b)` and `instance C (a, b, b)` 
are allowed. As can be seen in this example, FlexibleInstances 
introduces the potential of overlap with single-parameter type classes.

When using MultiParamTypeClasses without FlexibleInstances, the current 
restrictions on instance heads are similiar to those for 
single-parameter classes. For each parameter, the instance type must 
have the form `(T a1 ... an)` with `a1 ... an` being distinct from one 
another, but type variables can be shared between instance types. 
Therefore, instances like `instance D [a] [a] [b]` and `instance D [a] 
[b] [b]` are allowed and do cause potential overlap. If there was the 
restriction of all type variables in the instance head being different 
from one another however, I think there would be no potential for 
overlap, just like with single-parameter type classes.

To me, these instances allowed by MultiParamTypeClasses seem similar to 
the single-parameter class instances that are only possible with 
FlexibleInstances. And just like FlexibleInstances for single-parameter 
class instances, they introduce potential overlap, so that the 
MultiParamTypeClasses extension by itself becomes less "safe" than it 
otherwise would be. Therefore, it seems reasonable to me to only allow 
these repeated type variables in instance heads with the 
FlexibleInstances extension.

So, is there a good reason for the design choice of allowing these kinds 
of overlap without FlexibleInstances? Am I missing something here? Or 
are the current rules the way they are because of historic reasons?

Best regards,
Leif-Erik Krüger
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