[Haskell-cafe] Some questions about Fudgets library

Ivan Perez ivanperezdominguez at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 22:20:57 UTC 2021

Hi Antonio,

I've long envisioned a reimplementation of Fudgets using Monadic Stream
Functions [1].

MSFs are like Yampa's SFs but with constrained side effects and without the
mandatory continuous time (but you can put it back).

I don't think there is a fundamental limitation other than finding the time
to do it. Sometimes there's issues with implementing arr in these kinds of
systems (because it lifts a pure function and so it creates a widget with
uninitialized state), but it can be worked out.
Ping me up if you want to talk about this. I was going to do something
along these lines by the end of my PhD, so I thought a bit about how to do
it. I also did some experiments for application debugging that used similar

All the best,


[1] https://github.com/ivanperez-keera/dunai/

On Thu, 11 Mar 2021 at 17:13, Antonio <chikitosan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I wonder why there is no Fudgets package in Hackage.
> I found this, but the fudgets link is broken:
> http://hackage.haskell.org/user/ThomasHallgren
> Nevertheless, there is a cabalized package in the Fudgets homepage, so
> it's strange it's not in Hackage.
> Also, is there an arrowized version of Fudgets? If not, why? Is there some
> fundamental reason that makes it impossible to port it to the arrows
> framework or simply nobody cared to port it? (Also, the license seems to
> not allow modifications.)
> I'm trying to write a bittorrent client in Haskell. I decided to use
> arrows for it and took a look at Fudgets and Yampa. I haven't decided yet
> which one to use. Fudgets seems more suitable and I like it more, but the
> fact that it doesn't use the arrow notation and classes is a bit annoying.
> I read that Fruit is more or less a mix of Fudgets and Yampa that uses
> arrows. Sadly, it's unmaintained, the web doesn't exist and it's not in
> Hackage. Is there any other Fudgets-like option?
> Greetings.
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