[Haskell-cafe] Where have the discussions moved to?

Anthony Clayden anthony.d.clayden at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 23:56:50 UTC 2021

Yes I miss the free-and-easy atmosphere of the cafe.

As of 9/10 years ago, we thought we'd nearly figured out how to fix the
bogusness with FunDeps.
And there were several ideas for better records.
But no, GHC's FunDeps are just as bad as 2006; records have got a bit of

My take is that GHC has got so loaded with features, it's almost impossible
to engineer in any 'tweaks'.
So there has to be a bloated bureaucratic proposals process to make sure
nothing gets broken.
No free-wheeling what-if kind of discussion.

Reddit I find almost impossible to follow. The Discourse site seems to be
too much cut-and-dried.
If you want to peek at what code people are cutting, StackOverflow gets
some surprising material.

But yeah. Haskell is different these days. In a way I don't like. It
doesn't feel like 'popularity and community has expanded'.

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