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Thu Aug 12 18:38:01 UTC 2021

If you put calling functions before called ones, then when you reload GHCI
and it dumps a lot of errors at you, the last one is usually a good place
to start, because it depends on nothing else flagged as an error in the
same module.

Also I always flag mutually recursive functions or types with a
hard-to-miss "PITFALL: mutually recursive with <set of functions>" comment,
as those are easier to understand if you begin recognizing the mutual

On Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 2:11 AM Sven Panne <svenpanne at gmail.com> wrote:

> Am Do., 12. Aug. 2021 um 00:33 Uhr schrieb Christopher Conforti <
> christopher at conforti.xyz>:
>> Indeed, this is the direction I'm heading. However, I'm doing it by
>> hand first so I can refine my methods to a point I'm satisfied with,
>> and then build the automation afterwards, hopefully doing it right the
>> first time. [...]
> IMHO this is exactly the wrong way round: Pick one of the existing
> formatters (hindent, brittany, ormolu, ...) and stick with it for a while.
> If you don't like what you see, you can try another one. But the main point
> is: These formatters embody good practice learned the hard way from lots of
> other people, and using them will make your code more readable not only by
> you, but by others, too. The "not invented here" syndrome is seldom a good
> idea, and consistency is far more important than small details you might
> not like.
> Cheers,
>    S.
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