[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] base16-bytestring-

Emily Pillmore emilypi at cohomolo.gy
Thu Sep 17 03:44:23 UTC 2020

Hello Everyone,

I'm pleased to announce version of the `base16-bytestring` library. This release marks an epochal change in the library's structure, changing some existing features, and adding others. There was only on PR contribution marking this release, but it was a big omnibus one. In the latest release, we...

* Improved performance by 3-4x for encode, 4-5x for decode.

* Changed the ` decode` signature to return an error message with offset. The signature will now be ` ByteString -> Either String ByteString` in alignment with other encoding standards.

* Actually test using the test vectors defined in the RFC, and uses property tests to ensure invariants hold.

* Added lenient decoders to the API

* Added ` -XTrustworthy` annotations to the relevant exposed modules

* Rewrote the haddocks to be more up to date and fancy-styled.

* Added benchmarks to the `.cabal` file as opposed to being a separate target, so they can be run at toplevel, and can exist as an integral part of the spec.

* Bumped the Cabal version to 1.12

Thanks to Herbert and Mikhail for helping make this happen.


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