[Haskell-cafe] lib for drawing with mouse

Henning Thielemann lemming at henning-thielemann.de
Mon Mar 2 22:59:20 UTC 2020

> On 3/1/20 8:44 PM, mechvel at scico.botik.ru wrote:
>> Please,
>> does there exist a tool (library) in Haskell that supports doing the 
>> following
>> with graphics?
>> (1) To draw a curve by mouse on a screen and save this picture in a file
>>     (many different curves to be input this way).
>> (2) To save in  data.txt  the coordinates of the points of this curve,
>>     say, 800 pairs of numbers (floating point or rational ...).
>> (3) Reversely: to draw a curve on a screen by inputting from such 
>> data.txt.
>> The main is (1)&(2). Because currently I set a curve by putting many 
>> times the
>> '*' character and `space' to a text file, and this takes long.

Sounds like a part of what Detexify does. Detexify runs in a Browser.

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