[Haskell-cafe] PEP622

Olaf Klinke olf at aatal-apotheke.de
Sun Jun 28 14:39:20 UTC 2020

An excerpt from PEP622 [1]:

> Let us start from some anecdotal evidence: isinstance() is one of the
> most called functions in large scale Python code-bases (by static
> call count). In particular, when analyzing some multi-million line
> production code base, it was discovered that isinstance() is the
> second most called builtin function (after len()). Even taking into
> account builtin classes, it is still in the top ten. Most of such
> calls are followed by specific attribute access.
> There are two possible conclusions that can be drawn from this
> information:
> *    Handling of heterogeneous data (i.e. situations where a variable
> can take values of multiple types) is common in real world code.
> *    Python doesn't have expressive ways of destructuring object data
> (i.e. separating the content of an object into multiple variables).

I just want to say a big thank you to the Haskell creators for giving
us a tool to efficiently write real world code (as it is called above).

[1] https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0622/#rationale-and-goals

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