[Haskell-cafe] [Job] Hiring Numerical Programmers at Anduril Industries

Travis Whitaker travis at anduril.com
Tue Jan 14 21:59:53 UTC 2020

Greetings Fellow Haskellers,

Anduril Industries is hiring Haskellers for numerical programming work.
Quick Details:

- Seeking Haskellers familiar with numerical programming techniques.
- Familiarity with LLVM, FORTRAN, Linux, and compiler engineering is
- Positions for internships and new graduates are available.
- Regrettably, no remote opportunities are available at this time. We are
located in southern California, USA.

Anduril is looking for engineers to rapidly develop high-reliability
solutions to numerical problems by leveraging lightweight formal methods.
We are working on problems from a wide range of disciplines, including
robotics, flight control, guidance & navigation, and radar signal
processing. If you're interested in numerical programming, physics, and
lightweight formal verification techniques, then you'd likely enjoy working
on our team! With respect to internships, our program is extremely flexible
and we can adapt to whatever structure your university might require.

If this sounds interesting, please drop me a line at travis at anduril.com.

Thanks for your time,

Travis Whitaker
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