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Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 13:17:21 UTC 2020

Applicative do notation ?

Doesn’t recent ghc also have source plugins ? I’m admittedly unfamiliar
with those ?

Have you looked at how stuff like the ivory/tower edsl libraries do their

Do you have enough examples for them to treat getting started as a “use
your cookbook” and then go from there ?

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 7:57 AM Tom Schouten <tom at zwizwa.be> wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there currently a consensus on what is the best way to embed a pure
> dataflow language while keeping control over value sharing?
> I have a stream processing language that has a monadic interface (a ->
> b -> m c) to track variable sharing so it can compile down to C or
> Verilog, but I would like to create an expression interface layer on
> top (s a -> s b -> s c) that still allows me to recover the underlying
> monad representation to implement sharing.  I got used to writing in
> monadic form but I really can't sell this to EEs...
> Other than a TH or syntax frontend, unsafe tricks, or Conal's
> compiling to categories which requires a plugin (I believe), is there
> another way?
> Cheers,
> Tom
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