[Haskell-cafe] Functional Conference 2019 with Edward Kmett keynote | Bengaluru, 13-17 November

John Sinclair john at yourdigitalvoice.net
Mon Oct 28 17:35:16 UTC 2019

Hi haskell-cafe!

If you're in India, you'll be interested in Functional Conference 2019.
It's an opportunity to meet up with other functional programmers and
Haskell users. You'll learn from Edward Kmett who is chairman of the
Haskell Core Libraries Committee. He'll be delivering a keynote, a workshop
and more. https://confng.in/Kmg8m-Tx

Michael Snoyman from Israel will be giving an Applied Haskell workshop.

All up their are 15 sessions covering Haskell to broaden your horizons and
deepen your knowledge.

Functional Conf is the premiere event for Functional programmers in India.
Our goal is to support the community with access to high quality speakers,
who are innovating in this field.

Learn more about the conference here: https://confng.in/wAQ41Z4q

To get 10% off when you register, use the code: FnConf19Dis$


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