[Haskell-cafe] hindent: maintainer needed

Christopher Done chrisdone at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 12:13:47 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm sunsetting my maintenance of hindent. It basically does what I
want and has done for the last four years. I've put enough hours into
this project that I'm ready to move onto new things.

The approach of using GHC to format code is already being explored by
at least two other projects:

* brittany <http://hackage.haskell.org/package/brittany>
* ormolu <https://github.com/tweag/ormolu>

So if you still want hindent to continue being updated, I suggest you
take over as maintainer, either as a group or an individual. Feel free
to comment here. I'm happy to create an organization and move the
project into it.

In the absence of anyone taking over, the GitHub project will be
archived on Jan 31st. By that point, the issues/PRs will be lost.

There is a related GitHub issue here:



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