[Haskell-cafe] sublime-haskell and hsdev

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I would suggest installing LSP and haskell-ide-engine. It works very reliably under Unix and MacOS.

I’m personally having some issues with it under Windows 10 Home Edition. ‘stack’, in particular, will bail out because it tries to recursively delete a directory, but the directory does not appear to be empty. But, if you restart the build process again, it will succeed. I’m just not sure why I don’t get much feedback from hie-8.6.4, even though it’s running…

‘hsdev’ was good until the developer went off and bumped the major version number without a lot of notice. ‘hsdev-3’ had a few build issues as well, IIRC.


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From: Dennis Raddle
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Subject: [Haskell-cafe] sublime-haskell and hsdev

I'm just now learning Sublime Text 3 and trying to install sublime-haskell. It requires me to build hsdev, which I did with "cabal install hsdev". However the latter operation installs version > 3 of hsdev, while sublime-haskell requires < 3. 

So first question, how do I build and install an earlier version of hsdev?

Also, I'm not clear if sublime-haskell is integrated with stack. I use stack for everything and I've been using Intero up til now in Emacs. The docs mention stack but seem to be clearer about cabal.


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