[Haskell-cafe] PR to "double-conversion"

Иван Николаев lazybonesxp at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 11:29:54 UTC 2019

Hi Bryan!

May I ask you to take a look at my PR to your double-conversion library?
I’ve made it about six months ago and sent you an email. A few days ago I
updated it.

In the PR mentioned above I’m adding several things which need your

    1. Conversion to bytestring and text builder.
    2. Conversion of Float (using type family, but without performance
    3. More benchmarks.
    4. Update of the original double-conversion library.
          Now a bunch of 20k doubles is converted to strict bytestring in
5-8 ms using bytestring
          builder instead of >200-300ms using just bytestring.

Cheers, Rinat
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