[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Symposium: early reg deadline is next week

Richard Eisenberg rae at richarde.dev
Fri Jul 12 15:52:07 UTC 2019

The early registration deadline is **18 July**. That's next week!

Accepted papers are at https://icfp19.sigplan.org/home/haskellsymp-2019#event-overview

We will have two keynotes:

• Mary Sheeran, of Chalmers University, will present Gender Equality in Academia: Meeting the Challenge on Thursday, 22 August.

• Lennart Augustsson and Satnam Singh, both of Google Research, will co-present Haskell Use and Abuse at Scale on Friday, 23 August.

Come join! Symposium details are below.

I hope to see you there!

ACM SIGPLAN                                               CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                         Haskell Symposium 2019

                             Berlin, Germany
                           22--23 August, 2019



The ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Symposium 2019 will be co-located with the 2019
International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP).

The Haskell Symposium presents original research on Haskell,
discusses practical experience and future development of the language, and
promotes other forms of declarative programming.

Topics of interest include:

 * Language design, with a focus on possible extensions and modifications of
   Haskell as well as critical discussions of the status quo;

 * Theory, such as formal semantics of the present language or future
   extensions, type systems, effects, metatheory, and foundations for
   program analysis and transformation;

 * Implementations, including program analysis and transformation,
   static and dynamic compilation for sequential, parallel, and distributed
   architectures, memory management, as well as foreign function and
   component interfaces;

 * Libraries, that demonstrate new ideas or techniques for functional
   programming in Haskell;

 * Tools, such as profilers, tracers, debuggers, preprocessors,
   and testing tools;

 * Applications, to scientific and symbolic computing, databases, multimedia,
   telecommunication, the web, and so forth;

 * Functional Pearls, being elegant and instructive programming examples;

 * Experience Reports, to document general practice and experience in
   education, industry, or other contexts;

 * System Demonstrations, based on running software rather than novel
   research results.

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