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Subject: CFP: 4th Workshop on Meta-Programming Techniques and Reflection
(Meta’19), Co-located with SPLASH 2019
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                           Call for Papers

  4th Workshop on Meta-Programming Techniques and Reflection (Meta’19)

                     Co-located with SPLASH 2019

                    October 20, 2019, Athens, Greece


                  Follow us on twitter @MetaAtSPLASH


The Meta’19 workshop aims to bring together researchers working on
metaprogramming and reflection, as well as users building

applications, language extensions and/or software tools using them.

The challenges which metaprogramming faces are manifold. They start with
formal reasoning about reflective programs,

continue with performance and tooling, and reach into the empirical field
to understand how metaprogramming is used and how

it affects software maintainability.

While industry accepted metaprogramming on a wide scale with Ruby, Scala,
JavaScript, R and others, there is still a long

road ahead to bring the same level of convenience, tooling, and
understanding as for direct programming styles.

Contributions to the workshop are welcome on a wide range of topics related
to the design, implementation, and application of

metaprogramming techniques, as well as empirical studies and formal methods
for such systems and languages.

### Topics of Interest

The workshop is a venue for all approaches that embrace

metaprogramming, from static to dynamic techniques:

- reflection, meta-level architectures, staging,

  open language runtimes applications to middleware,

  frameworks, and DSLs

- optimization techniques

- contract systems, or typing of reflective programs

- reflection and metaobject protocols to enable tooling

- case studies and evaluation of such techniques, e.g.,

  to build applications, language extensions, or tools

- empirical evaluation of metaprogramming solutions

- security in reflective systems and capability-based designs

- meta-level architectures and reflective middleware for

  modern runtime platforms (e.g. IoT, cyber-physical systems,

  mobile/cloud/grid computing, etc)

- surveys, conceptualization, taxonomization, and formalization of existing

### Workshop Format and Submissions

This workshop welcomes the presentation of new ideas and emerging

problems as well as mature work as part of a mini-conference format.

Furthermore, we plan interactive brainstorming and demonstration

sessions between the formal presentations to enable an active

exchange of ideas.

Papers submitted by the first deadline will be considered for

publication in the ACM DL, if not requested otherwise by the authors.

Thus, they will be part of SPLASH workshop proceedings.

For all papers, use of the SIGPLAN acmart style is mandatory:


Please use the provided double-column templates for Latex or Word.

  technical paper: max. 8 pages, excluding references

  position and work-in-progress paper: 1-4 pages, excluding references

  technology demos or a posters: 1-page abstract

Demos, posters, position and work-in-progress papers can be submitted

on a second, later deadline to discuss the latest results and current

work, but will not be considered for publication in the ACM DL.

For the submission, please use the submission system at:


### Important Dates (TODO)

26 Jul 2019  - Abstract Submission

 2 Aug 2019  - Paper Submission (considered for ACM DL)

23 Aug 2019  - Notification

28 Aug 2019  - Demo, position or work-in-progress paper submission

20 Sep 2019  - Demo, position or work-in-progress paper notification

### Steering Committee

Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Stefan Marr, University of Kent

### Organizing Committee

Guido Chari, Czech Technical University

Christophe Scholliers, Ghent University

### Program Committee

Nada Amin, University of Cambridge, UK

Edwin Brady, University of St Andrews, UK

Andrei Chis, Feenk, Switzerland

David Thrane Christiansen, Galois, Portland, Oregon, USA

Tom Van Cutsem, Bell Labs, Belgium

Ryan Culpepper, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czechia

Jennifer Hacket, University of Nottingham, UK

Robert Hirschfield, Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany

James Noble, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand

Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira, The University of Hong Kong

Cyrus Omar, University of Chicago, USA

Guillermo Polito, Inria Lille, France

Eric Tanter, Universidad de Chile, Chile

### Contact Information

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the organizers via
meta-at-splash19 AT googlegroups.com


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