[Haskell-cafe] Amazonka: is it possible to work around deserialisation bug?

Jack Henahan jhenahan at me.com
Mon Feb 18 21:23:35 UTC 2019

Newtype would be my plan, too.

Also really glad to see this thread, because I’m *also* trying to migrate away from “stringing CLI calls together with bash” to a sensible programming model, and this is great to be aware of before I get too into it.

Thanks for reporting it upstream (both to the library and to Amazon)!


> On Feb 18, 2019, at 15:58, Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org> wrote:
> Utku Demir <lists at utdemir.com> writes:
>> Hey,
>> I had a similar problem before, my workaround was creating a newtype
>> wrapper around the original request and implementing 'AWSRequest'
>> instance by hand. That let me override the way response is parsed.
>> I dug up the code, the override is here:
>> https://github.com/utdemir/distributed-fork/blob/edadea209e7e1fda77ca1d37011734771f6559de/serverless-execute-aws-lambda/src/Network/AWS/Lambda/Invoke/Fixed.hs
>> And here is how I sent the request:
>> https://github.com/utdemir/distributed-fork/blob/edadea209e7e1fda77ca1d37011734771f6559de/serverless-execute-aws-lambda/src/Network/Serverless/Execute/Lambda/Internal/Invoke.hs#L78
> That's an arguably nicer way than how I solved it; I just removed the
> bits causing the error since I didn't need them anyway:
> https://github.com/magthe/amazonka/commit/1543b65e3a8b692aa9038ada68aaed9967752983
> Then I used `stack` to point to my modified version. I wouldn't be
> surprised if people on the list already know how, but just in case I'll
> throw in a link to my description of it: http://magnus.therning.org/posts/2019-02-10-000-using-stack-to-get-around-upstream-bugs.html
> /M
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