[Haskell-cafe] Which is easier to ship on windows, a gi-gtk or fltk-hs project?

Ruben Astudillo ruben.astud at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 05:43:56 UTC 2019

On 25-12-19 02:13, Patrick Chilton wrote:
> Hi, maybe you could host it somewhere and give it a web interface?
> Google Compute Engine has a pretty generous free tier and you can
> install Nix on it, which would take care of the packaging issues.

I would prefer to not. Conceptually that is a harder sell as there is
not a good technical reason to depend on webstuff apart of
inconvenience. Also TeX compilation should be done on a web service if
it's on the web (I think).

This is a side project, which for me it's a opportunity to learn
something new. That is right now shipping programs to windows that use
bindings and depend on other programs.

-- Rubén
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