[Haskell-cafe] Summer of Code projects

Emanuel Borsboom manny at fpcomplete.com
Thu Mar 22 12:31:07 UTC 2018

> On Mar 21, 2018, at 11:34 PM, Luke Lau <luke_lau at icloud.com> wrote:
> https://summer.haskell.org/ideas.html#format-preserving-yaml <https://summer.haskell.org/ideas.html#format-preserving-yaml>
> Would this new library aim to also use the C library behind the scenes, or would there be more interest in making a completely native Haskell version? (Do FFI calls in Haskell have any performance overhead?)

If it's possible to do this using the C library behind the scenes then I don't see any reason not that.  That said, my understanding is that the C library doesn't support this use case, so it's likely you'd have to write a pure Haskell implementation.
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