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Luke Lau luke_lau at icloud.com
Thu Mar 22 06:34:33 UTC 2018


I’m a beginner-intermediate Haskell programmer and would like to help out this summer with the SoC projects! I have a few questions about some of the project ideas:

https://summer.haskell.org/ideas.html#format-preserving-yaml <https://summer.haskell.org/ideas.html#format-preserving-yaml>
Would this new library aim to also use the C library behind the scenes, or would there be more interest in making a completely native Haskell version? (Do FFI calls in Haskell have any performance overhead?)

https://github.com/haskell/haskell-ide-engine <https://github.com/haskell/haskell-ide-engine>
This seems really cool! There are a lot of cool goals on the list I would like to take a stab at.

Sharing build cache between HaRe and GHC, to drastically improve refactoring speed.
Are there any examples of this being done with any other IDE extensions or build tools?

Rewriting the completion system/LSP tests
Are there any parts of the LSP specification that are missing or could be implemented better?

Also I was curious as to what libraries/tools are used for parsing and analysing, if any at all? I briefly looked through the repository and couldn’t find anything particularly low-level.

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