[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] New QFPL Applied Functional Programming Course 🎉 🎉

Sean Chalmers sean.chalmers at data61.csiro.au
Wed Mar 21 04:45:05 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

After successful trials in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we're 
pleased to present our new **Applied Functional Programming Course**. 
Designed for those of you beyond the intro stage and hungry for more.

This is new course material that is targeted toward programmers who have 
become proficient with navigating Functional Programming concepts and 
would like to progress to building a complete application. This course 
material involves writing a REST application with a database backend.

Topics covered include:

* Hackage and the general Haskell ecosystem
* Cabal files and project structure
* Database integration
* Configuration
* Monad transformers
* Testing
* Type driven development

The assumed Haskell knowledge for this course is that you are 
comfortable with Applicative, and you are able to write the definition 
for a function with the type:

     Applicative f => [f a] -> f [a]

As with all of our course material, we invite and encourage you to 
submit issues and pull-requests. We build these courses for you, so if 
things aren't working. With either the content or any of the moving 
parts, we want to know.

These courses are run free of charge, in Australia. When and where we 
run them is based on demand. So if you or your team are keen, then let 
us know. We can also arrange to run them in-house. Our contact details 
are here: https://qfpl.io/contact/.

More info about both of our current courses is available on our projects 
page: https://qfpl.io/projects/courses/.


Sean Chalmers

Functional Programming Engineer
Queensland FP Lab
Data61 / CSIRO
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