[Haskell-cafe] Alternative Preludes

Vanessa McHale vanessa.mchale at iohk.io
Thu Jun 28 12:10:22 UTC 2018

I would suggest just using the text package and importing it qualified.
Foundation has its own text type which is supposedly fast, but it
introduces some complications as well.

rio looks too involved to me. This all depends on your project - plenty
of libraries have no need to depend on mtl or vector, so adding them as
dependencies just makes your builds more fragile.  Lots of these
libraries break cross-compilation too (or just make it more difficult).
But if you're writing an application for use on your computer only, none
of this matters.

Also you shouldn't be afraid of lists. They have their place in
functional programming and Haskell.

On 06/28/2018 01:22 AM, Hilco Wijbenga wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been looking for a different Prelude to, at minimum, default to
> Text instead of String but I'm sure there are other things that would
> be helpful. E.g., less focus on lists.
> I had a look at [1] and protolude, classy-prelude, basic-prelude,
> foundation, safe-prelude, and rio all seem interesting. Maybe even
> base-noprelude?
> I'm an advanced beginner (I don't think I qualify as intermediate
> yet). Going by [1], classy-prelude might not be such a good idea
> because of "scary error messages". And, I'm guessing, I would need to
> know Haskell better to take advantage of base-noprelude?
> I would like to know your thoughts/suggestions/opinions/ideas. Also,
> if there are other preludes that might be of interest, do tell!
> Cheers,
> Hilco
> [1] https://guide.aelve.com/haskell/alternative-preludes-zr69k1hc
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