[Haskell-cafe] Investing in languages (Was: What is your favourite Haskell "aha" moment?)

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Fri Jul 13 06:27:43 UTC 2018

Am 12.07.2018 um 23:25 schrieb Sergiu Ivanov:
> Hello Chris,
> Thus quoth  Chris Smith  on Thu Jul 12 2018 at 22:48 (+0200):
>> I've seen plenty of students as old as 12 to 13 who literally cannot
>> see whether there's a comma in an expression, or whether a word is
>> spelled "ie" or "ei", without extreme measures like covering the
>> surrounding text.
> This sounds a lot like symptoms of dyslexia.  Are you talking about
> students _without_ such disorders?
Of course they are dyslexic - it's defined as having lower reading 
capabilities than their peers.

It doesn't matter much. Most children catch up on their reading 
capabilities, or they learn to cope.
And IQ is not correlated to reading (or writing) ability, so it is 
useful to introduce them to the field if possible.
Even IQ isn't too relevant to the ability to code. IQ measures a whole 
lot of pretty unrelated things, and while the ability to code and IQ are 
correlated, they are not 1:1.


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