[Haskell-cafe] Software engineer job situated in a PL research group

Ryan Newton rrnewton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 16:22:09 UTC 2018

Hi all,

This posting is for a potentially long term position with the department.
In the short term the work will be largely about sandboxing,
containerization, and other low level systems stuff, but *all* the
high-level software in the group is written in Haskell:


The OOPSLA17 paper, "Monadic Composition for Deterministic, Parallel Batch
should give an idea of what this initial project is about.

The engineer would be co-located with a large Programming Languages group
(6 faculty and a couple dozen Ph.D. students).  University benefits are
good and our college town combines culture and beautiful surroundings
with convenience
and affordability.

Best regards,
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