[Haskell-cafe] Arrow laws of Netwire

Ertugrul Söylemez esz at posteo.de
Sat Feb 17 16:43:23 UTC 2018


>         -- I almost sure this is correct, since it is copied
>         -- from "Programming with Arrows", J. Hughes
> 	mapA :: (ArrowChoice a) => a b c -> a [b] [c]
> 	mapA f = proc input ->
> 	  case input of
> 	    [] -> returnA -< []
> 	    z:zs -> do y_ <- f -< z
> 	               ys_ <- mapA f -< zs
> 	               returnA -< y_:ys_

Yes, this is correct.  However, the ArrowChoice instance in Netwire has
always been questionable.  The correct (and much more efficient) way to
implement mapA is as a primitive combinator much like the parallel
switches in Yampa.

The Netwire implementation and API has been more focussed on providing
features over reasonable semantics, and that eventually led me to
abandon it in favour of a more minimalistic library that is easier to
reason about (wires).  Please consider Netwire deprecated and I
recommend you don't use it for new applications, if possible.  I'm still
open to reviewing and merging code contributions to support legacy
applications, but other than that I would much prefer to just let it
become a piece of AFRP history. =)

If you must use AFRP, I recommend either my new library called wires, or
the progenitor of all, Yampa.  However, unless you have a strong reason
to use arrowized FRP I would recommend that you go with one of the
first-class FRP libraries.  I currently recommend either:

  * reactive-banana: very simple and easy to learn API, plus the author
    runs a blog with lots of information on FRP.  This is the library I
    recommend to FRP beginners.  Or

  * reflex: my personal favourite, more focussed on practical concerns
    and efficiency, a more versatile API that easily integrates with
    applications with a "main loop", such as real-time games.  The
    trade-off is far less documentation and a more complicated API.

Sorry for not directly addressing your question, but I hope I convinced
you to just switch to a different library. =)

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