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David Johnson djohnson.m at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 02:55:58 UTC 2018

Miso supports touch events, has many examples, and is fairly
straightforward to get started with: https://haskell-miso.org

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 6:42 PM, Gregory Popovitch <greg7mdp at gmail.com>

> Hi Dennis, I've read lots of good things about purescript (
> http://www.purescript.org/).
> greg
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> I'd like a recommendation for a way to write web apps in Haskell.
> Background: I have written code in Python, C++ and Haskell for many years.
> However I have done no substantial web programming.
> My goal is mathematics-education-themed apps to run on browsers on any
> device. At first I'll be happy to run the app on my laptop and connect
> locally with an iPad or smartphone while I sit with my students.
> Later I may deploy it at scale "in the cloud" (I mean anyone connected to
> the internet can run it, and the servers belong to the hosting provider).
> Why a browser app? I figure it's the best way to get a portable app that
> will run on phones, tablets, and computers of all OS's.
> Why Haskell? The goal right now is fast prototyping and experimentation,
> especially for some fairly complex algorithms. I spent some time with
> JavaScript, TypeScript, and Scala.JS. I'm just so much more comfortable in
> Haskell with which I can write clean & sophisticated algorithms quickly.
> I see lots of mentions of Haskell "platforms" and "stacks" etc. on the
> Haskell Wiki. But I will confess I don't really know what a "platform" or
> "stack" is, or which of the options will support my needs. I know close to
> zero about apps in the browser.
> Regarding my UI needs, my app will have lots of graphics and lots of
> things to click on, drag, etc. It will need to be touch-screen responsive.
> Dennis
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