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Dennis Raddle dennis.raddle at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 02:14:13 UTC 2018

I'd like a recommendation for a way to write web apps in Haskell.

Background: I have written code in Python, C++ and Haskell for many years.
However I have done no substantial web programming.

My goal is mathematics-education-themed apps to run on browsers on any
device. At first I'll be happy to run the app on my laptop and connect
locally with an iPad or smartphone while I sit with my students.

Later I may deploy it at scale "in the cloud" (I mean anyone connected to
the internet can run it, and the servers belong to the hosting provider).

Why a browser app? I figure it's the best way to get a portable app that
will run on phones, tablets, and computers of all OS's.

Why Haskell? The goal right now is fast prototyping and experimentation,
especially for some fairly complex algorithms. I spent some time with
JavaScript, TypeScript, and Scala.JS. I'm just so much more comfortable in
Haskell with which I can write clean & sophisticated algorithms quickly.

I see lots of mentions of Haskell "platforms" and "stacks" etc. on the
Haskell Wiki. But I will confess I don't really know what a "platform" or
"stack" is, or which of the options will support my needs. I know close to
zero about apps in the browser.

Regarding my UI needs, my app will have lots of graphics and lots of things
to click on, drag, etc. It will need to be touch-screen responsive.

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