[Haskell-cafe] Happy Haskell Programming for GHC 8.x

Kazu Yamamoto (=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCOzNLXE9CSScbKEI=?=) kazu at iij.ad.jp
Tue Dec 25 05:01:15 UTC 2018

Hello Cafe,

I'm happy to announce that Happy Haskell Programming (HHP) version
0.0.0 has been released:


In short, HHP is a fork from ghc-mod 4.1.6 and re-written for all GHC
8.x. Emacs front end is included.

For more information, please read:


Merry Christmas and Happy Haskell Programming on Emacs with GHC 8.x!


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