[Haskell-cafe] hs-boot and (micro)lenses

Massimo Zaniboni massimo.zaniboni at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 07:46:48 UTC 2018

Hi Francesco,

 > I have some problem setting up an appropriate .hs-boot module.

I don't know Haskell lenses, I don't know GHC circular module importing, 
but I know you :-) So I tried this


In the first version you have a parameter on type A "A._b :: b", and 
then B imports A, "specializing" "A._b :: B"

In the second version you have B.hs-boot instead of A.hs-boot.

They both compile.

 > The project I am dealing with is bigger than this problem and I would
 > really love to keep functions and related datatypes nearby for mental
 > sanity.

If you add some example of A and B usage, simulating the usage you have 
in your real project, it will became more clear if one of these two 
work-around is good-enough.

Best regards,

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