[Haskell-cafe] DataHaskell User Survey

Marco Zocca zocca.marco at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 10:17:37 UTC 2018

Dear all,

  the community around datahaskell.org has been slowly but steadily
growing since its inception in 2016, and with it the diversity of its

Its mission is to provide a home for data science and numerical
computation students and practitioners who would like to use Haskell
in their work and explorations.

In order to best represent and serve the community, we'd like to know
it in the first place, which is why we have prepared this little
questionnaire (10 questions, which should take around 5 minutes to


No personal data are required and the results will only be published
in aggregate form at a later stage. The raw data will only be stored
and used for producing the aggregate report, after which it will be

Thank you in advance for your time;

Marco Zocca


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