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Ivan Lazar Miljenovic ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 05:33:28 UTC 2018

Hi Travis,

It would be helpful if you said a) where this was and b) if remote
work is possible.

On 5 April 2018 at 15:01, Travis Whitaker <travis at anduril.com> wrote:
> Anduril Industries (https://www.anduril.com) is hiring. TL;DR: Come write
> Haskell, Rust, and Nix (and some C++ when necessary) to make autonomous
> robots and drones go!
> We're a team of software and hardware engineers from various backgrounds
> (game development, computer graphics, financial technology, government
> intelligence, biotechnology) working to improve the state of defense
> technology. Our strategy involves focusing on product development instead of
> traditional governmental processes. By funding product development ourselves
> instead of relying on government funds, we're able to create more focused
> products faster and with significantly fewer resources. By leveraging
> hardware and techniques that have only recently become feasible to deploy at
> scale (e.g. GPGPU computing), we can significantly advance the state of the
> defense technology market.
> We're searching for generally competent, mathematically inclined software
> engineers, and we're especially interested in those with experience in
> computer vision (first principles techniques and machine learning), sensor
> fusion, detection and tracking, and statistical parameter estimation. Our
> team is increasingly applying functional programming and related
> technologies; we run Haskell and Rust code in production and use Nix to
> achieve reproducible build environments and keep deployment, CI, and
> cross-compilation sane.
> If you like functional programming, interfacing with hardware, and solving
> problems in detection, tracking, and autonomous vehicle control (land and
> air), drop me a line at travis at anduril.com
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