[Haskell-cafe] uninstalling libraries

Neil Mayhew neil_mayhew at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Nov 13 23:33:36 UTC 2017

 On 2017-11-13 08:30 AM, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
> The thing you want is called a package manager.

Evan, have you considered using Nix? It's a package manager that sits on
top of the OS, and works on Linux and Mac OS. My Haskell development has
been much happier since I switched to using Nix.

Pros of Nix versus using cabal sandboxes:

1. Nix shares built libraries between projects, so doesn't chew up gobs
of disk space for each project
2. You don't have to build huge numbers of libraries from source for
each project, due to sharing. In fact, due to Nix's binary caching, you
rarely have to build libraries from source at all.


1. If you want to use a newer version of a Hackage library than the one
in in Nix, it's more work (although the packages track Hackage fairly
2. Occasionally the version in Nix is broken.
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