[Haskell-cafe] data mining, or something like it

MarLinn monkleyon at gmail.com
Wed May 31 23:20:31 UTC 2017

> Second, are there any Haskell libraries that can help with this task?

In my own experience, Data Mining is a very interactive task. You want 
to keep your feedback loop as tight as possible. Therefore the user 
interface becomes an important part of your setup. Text-based interfaces 
just don't cut it. And now consider the state of GUIs in the Haskell world…

Personally I like [Knime] for Data Mining. Funnily enough it's written 
in Java (based on Eclipse), but you can see how most of it would 
translate beautifully to a functional language. Lots of maps and folds 
in disguise. Yet more interesting is that the style of visual data-flow 
programming that's used in it also lends itself well to music generation.

In other words what you need might not exist yet, but you may be a 
perfect candidate to improve the state of GUIs in Haskell. ;)



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