[Haskell-cafe] Galois is hiring

Daniel Wagner dmwit at galois.com
Wed May 10 20:57:45 UTC 2017

Here's our official announcement:

> Galois is hiring!  We're looking for researchers, principal investigators, software engineers, and project leads, including those with expertise in functional programming, formal methods, machine learning, embedded systems, computer security, or networking.  We have offices in Arlington VA, Dayton OH, and Portland OR with positions available at all locations.  For more info or to submit your resume, please see our website: http://galois.com/careers <http://galois.com/careers>.

Here's a few things I like about Galois [1]:

* Deep technical problems. I've been involved in projects to develop a prototype voting system that gives cryptographic guarantees of privacy and correctness; to get a line of mobile phones' crypto subsystems certified; to build a tool for doing asynchronous hardware design; and to obfuscate programs in a cryptographically strong way. Every day in the break room I hear about projects my coworkers are in that are as exciting or more in terms of technical depth.
* Flexibility. For example, I like variety, so I've joined up with several projects even in my short stay here, working for a few months on each; but other people like stability and prefer working full-time on a single project for long periods, and both modes are well-supported. You also get quite a lot of say over what projects you'll be working on; what you'll be doing on a given project; what technologies are most appropriate for that project's goals (I've used Haskell in some way in almost every project so far... I might be biased here); even where you get your work done on any given day  (Need to work from home because there's ice on the roads, or because the cable guy said they'd be there "somewhere between 10 and midnight", or just because you want to head to a coffee shop for the ambience for the day? No problem!).
* Training. Everybody here is a world-class expert, and I feel like I've learned a ton just by overhearing lunch conversations. The company also goes out of its way to support structured training. I was a complete crypto noob prior to joining, but they let me spend company time on a Coursera course so that I can at least see the blood after I've shot my own foot. Each year I've been here, everyone has also been given a week for "innovation time" that need not be spent on anything directly funded from outside; many folks spend this time getting acquainted with a new technology (or inventing one!).
* Location. Portland is a medium-sized city -- just large enough to have one of everything. The weather goes a little below freezing for a few days each year and a little above body temperature for a few days each year -- which is a small price to pay for the temperate weather we get the rest of the time. Walking distance from the building we're in covers a lot of ground.

If those things sound exciting to you, check out our openings at http://galois.com/careers.


[1] Cross-posted from reddit; apologies if this looks familiar! We're still actively looking for talented folks. https://www.reddit.com/r/haskell/comments/5r3vhz/galois_is_hiring/

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