[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] haskus-system 0.7

Sylvain Henry sylvain at haskus.fr
Thu Jun 29 10:52:23 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I have released haskus-system 0.7.

haskus-system <https://github.com/haskus/haskus-system> is a Haskell 
library for system programming on top of the Linux kernel. You can use 
it to build systems that only use:

  * the Linux kernel
  * the haskus-system library
  * your code

This release features a new build tool that automatically downloads, 
configures and builds Linux, SysLinux, etc. It can also execute your 
system within QEMU, build ISO images and even create bootable devices.

For instance, to test the Demo example from 
https://github.com/haskus/haskus-system-examples/ with QEMU, you just 
have to type:

 > haskus-system-build test --init Demo

The full announce with some screenshots and a video: 

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