[Haskell-cafe] Issue 61 :: Haskell Weekly

Taylor Fausak taylor at fausak.me
Thu Jul 6 16:05:13 UTC 2017

 \   Haskell Weekly
\/\/ Issue 62

Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a purely
functional programming language that focuses on robustness, concision,
and correctness. This is a weekly summary of what's going on in its

## Featured ##

- YOW! Lambda Jam 2017
  Videos of 23 talks by Edward Kmett, John Hughes, Conal Elliott, Brian
  McKenna, Bodil Stokke, and others.

- Perhaps not the answer you were expecting but you asked for it
  A collection of Conor McBride's Stack Overflow answers.

- Unit testing effectful Haskell with monad-mock
  > While monad-mock might not be anything drastically different from
  > existing testing techniques, my hope is that it can provide an
  > opinionated mechanism to make testing easy and accessible, even for
  > complex interactions with other services and systems.

- Front Row is hiring a senior backend Haskell engineer (ad)
  > Come change how 6.5+ million K-12 US students learn Math, Language
  > Arts, Social Studies and more. Use data, advanced type systems,
  > great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

- A major upgrade to Megaparsec: more speed, more power
  > The version 6 thus will aim to be not just a parser for human-
  > readable texts and source code, but "one size fits all" general
  > solution to parsing in Haskell, including low-level binary parsing.

- Derive instances of representationally equal types
  > I made a way to get more free stuff and free stuff is good.

- New version of FLTKHS with much better error messages and OpenGL
  > Happy to announce a new major version of FLTKHS, the Haskell
  > binding to the FLTK for easy native cross-platform GUI apps in
  > Haskell.

- Notes on fusion
  > Fusion is one of those words that made me recoil for quite a few
  > years, since it sounds extremely complicated and arcane. A few
  > years into building applications in Haskell, I still hadn't forced
  > the thunk.

- SuperRecord: Anonymous records for Haskell
  > A practical library for anonymous records that is both fast and has
  > an ergonomic interface for both using and extending it.

- Typesafe modular arithmetic in Haskell
  > We would like to get a type error (at compile time) if we do a
  > operation involving two numbers with a different modulus. The role
  > of a type system is to represent the invariants and so it will be
  > great to encode as many invariants of a particular value into the
  > type.

- Lessons learned building a toy compiler
  > We tend to think of compilers as big black boxes which transform
  > some high level language, let's say C into a binary in one big
  > step. I'd like to present it as a pipeline of languages and
  > transformations, each a bit simpler and slightly lower level than
  > the one before it.

## Package of the week ##

This week's package of the week is Miso, a small isomorphic front-end

## In brief ##

- Diskhash: Disk-based, persistent hash tables

- Graphing it out

- highlight CLI application

- Idris dependent typing challenge: Bowling kata

- The Spiderman principle

- What should a PostgreSQL migrator do?

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