[Haskell-cafe] Sequence of lifting transformation operators

Alexey Vagarenko vagarenko at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 05:56:11 UTC 2017

What is the order of unwrapping?
`return $ !a + !b` doesn't equals `return $ !b + !a` right?

2017-01-31 9:37 GMT+05:00 Taeer Bar-Yam <taeer at necsi.edu>:

> This is (IMO) very similar in use-case to Idris' bang-notation. I'll give
> a brief
> summary of what that is and then explain the pros/cons that I see between
> them.
> In Idris the do notation has the added notation that
> do return $ !a + !b
> would desugar to
> do
>  a' <- a
>  b' <- b
>  return $ a' + b'
> So !a unwraps a higher up and then uses the unwrapped version.
> Thus if you want to apply a function to apply a function to some wrapped
> and
> some unwrapped values:
> do return $ f !a b !c !d
> Pros/Cons:
> - Idris notation is (IMO) more visually appealing.
>  - In particular, it puts the information about which arguments are lifted
> next
>    to the arguments themselves, which matches our intuition about what's
> going on
> - While it matches our intuition, it does *not* match what's actually
> going on,
>  so that's a con.
> - Idris notation can lift things more than once:
>  do return $ f !!a !b !!!!c
> - Idris notation is syntactic sugar, not a first-class operator
>  - So that means no currying, no passing it in as an argument, etc. (though
>    with lambdas this is not as bad as it otherwise would be)
> - Idris notation is for monads, so it would not work for things that are
>  applicative but not monads (though I'm not entirely sure what falls into
> this
>  category)
> What do you y'all think? Do they operate in different enough spaces that
> they
> should both exist (like applicatives and moands), or is one clearly better?
>  --Taeer
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