[Haskell-cafe] Control.Parallel seemingly randomly behaviour

Juan Luis Martty jmartty at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 18 22:52:44 UTC 2017

The program is attached in this mail, along with stack & cabal config. The machine is an old T400 with an Intel dual core.

Followin some advice, I checked the output of `+RTS -s` and apparently sometimes one of the sparks is fizzled which is what causes the unexpected behaviour

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Hi Juan, I am interested in this because I use
Control.Parallel in teaching currently. But -

* what is your actual Main program / main function
  (it was not included in your message?)
* what is your actual cabal / stack config file?
* on what machine (OS, CPU) are you running this (it seems pretty slow)?
* have you looked at eventlogs with threadscope?

- J.
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