[Haskell-cafe] module is a package module error

Martin Hilbig lists at mhilbig.de
Sat Jan 14 03:55:17 UTC 2017


i got it to OK by removing your 'loadModules ["Internal"]' line.

i think this works, because you imported Internal in your Main module
and set it as Import.

but you might want to check up on loadModules description at [1].

is the Internal module's source file available when you compile your
Main module or will it be provided during run-time? in the latter case
you will need the loadModules call, but shouldn't import the module.

have fun


On 12.01.2017 17:16, Lana Black wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use hint [1] to compile in runtime externally supplied
> haskell code. The compiled code must have certain modules imported. The
> problem is that I'm getting this error when loading modules
>> WontCompile [GhcError {errMsg = "<no location info>: error: module
>> \8216Internal\8217 is a package module"}]
> I'm not really sure what to do with this. One way to fix this is to move
> Internal to a separate package so that hint could load it through cabal,
> but that's something I'd like to avoid. Is there any way I could make hint
> use the same modules from the package it's being called from? The code
> is located at [2].
> [1]: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hint
> [2]: https://github.com/greydot/hint-test/
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