[Haskell-cafe] Feedback needed: CLI app + guide

Carlo Matteo Scalzo cmscalzo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 17:51:15 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I've already posted this in beginners@, but I thought it might be of
interest to a wider audience too (apologies for double-posting).

I started learning Haskell about a year ago, and I couldn't find any
example of a simple, real world application written in Haskell, so as usual
I ended up writing my own :-)

The code is available for free (it's a simple command-line app), and I've
also written a short guide that uses the application as a case study to
talk about Haskell's features.

Could you guys please download the guide (for free, of course) and let me
know if you find it useful?

You can get the guide here:


Please send me your feedback either here or to my personal email address
(it's on the website), and thank you very much for your help!

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