[Haskell-cafe] Managing package release workflow

Clinton Mead clintonmead at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 14:27:20 UTC 2017

Hi All

I've already got a few packages on hackage
<https://hackage.haskell.org/user/clinton>, but I'd like to upload a few
more, but I'm finding the workflow management particularly excessive.
Here's what I'd like to do roughly:

1. Choose a number of stack snapshots I'd like my package to successfully
build and test against.
2. Automatically apply appropriate version bounds to dependencies in my
cabal file based on those snapshots.
3. When these changes are pushed to Github, attempt to compile them using
Travis CI, against all the stack snapshots chosen.
4. If we do a push to a particular branch or with particular tag, this
signifies we're attempting a release. Attempt to compile using Travis CI,
perform the tests. If the compile and tests are successful, push a separate
commit, adjust the "source-repository" field in github to point to that
release commit (not to master) and upload to hackage.

I'm currently doing all of this manually but it's increasingly a bit of a
pain. Is there tooling to help me automate this?


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