[Haskell-cafe] Wow Monads!

David McClain dbm at refined-audiometrics.com
Tue Apr 18 22:47:28 UTC 2017

Hi Sergiu,

Excellent point you make about type checking versus provably correct code. I probably allowed myself to be lulled by a false equivalence many times in the past, confusing one for the other under pressure to get something working. But then, how many programmers actually produce provably correct code? I can see that happening very easily in the small. But for overall large programs?

- DM

> On Apr 18, 2017, at 14:36, Sergiu Ivanov <sivanov at colimite.fr> wrote:
> Hello David,
> Thanks a lot for sharing your opinions, I find it very interesting.
> Thus quoth  David McClain  at 19:26 on Mon, Apr 17 2017:
>> That’s when I began migrating back over to my old standby Lisp
>> system. I live inside of my Lisp all day long, for days on end. It is
>> a whole ecosystem. There is not crisp boundary of edit / compile /
>> debug. It is all incremental and extensional. I think that kind of
>> environment, regardless of language, is the holy grail of computing.
> Just a small question: have you ever tried Smalltalk/Squeak/Pharo? (I'm
> in no way affiliated.)
> These guys seem to be quite keen on blending the edit/compile/debug
> boundaries.
> --
> Sergiu

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