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Amit Levy amit at amitlevy.com
Thu Sep 29 01:47:49 UTC 2016

Hi friends!

David and I are looking for a software engineer to join MemCachier and
help work with us on our automation, analytics monitoring and dashboard,
server management and core infrastructure. The work is mostly in
Haskell, with the core infrastructure in Go as well as bits in pieces in
whatever else is needed. There's lots of opportunity for open source
contributions too!

I've included the job description below (also at
https://www.memcachier.com/job). If you're interested, send a resume and
cover letter to jobs at memcachier.com or contact David or me.


MemCachier is the largest provider of memcache-as-service to PaaS
applications. Our home-grown, fully distributed and multi-tenant
implementation of memcache serves billions of requests each day,
powering a range of applications from scrappy startups to fortune 500

As the newest addition to our team, you’ll be working on improving
fail over automation, analytics, monitoring, making MemCachier faster and
more reliable, and well as contributing to the ecosystem of open source
memcache clients in all languages. You’ll also share in on-call duties.
Our design is failure resilient, so incidents are rare, but we do share
in carrying around a pager.

We use tools and languages we genuinely like, with a high skew towards
type-safe languages. Our memcache implementation is built in Go and most
of the rest of our infrastructure in Haskell. We value well designed
software and compile-time guarantees.

We are a small team and, like our service, we are distributed—residing
on two coasts of the United States and in Europe (or elsewhere,
depending on the season). While we are collaborative, this means the job
requires being comfortable with a high-degree of independence. In
return, you’ll be able to work wherever you are and won’t be bound to a
particular schedule most of the time.

We encourage functional programmers of all stripes, but we particularly
encourage people from groups that are underrepresented in software.

Finally, the qualifications below are not strict requirements, but
rather guidelines for the kinds of skills we’re looking for.

## Qualifications

  * B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience. Advanced degrees
    encouraged (the current team either has, or is working on, PhDs),
    but we know there are plenty of other ways to come by the same
  * Proficiency with distributed systems concepts.
  * Proficiency in either Go or Haskell, or a closely related
    language like ML, Rust or a desire and ability to learn.
  * Good English written communication skills—you don’t to be a native
    speaker, but you must be proficient.
  * Experience with web technologies (HTTP, web frameworks, etc).
  * Experience working independently or in remote teams.

## Responsibilities

  * Share in on-call duties. Our design is failure resilient, so
    incidents are rare, but we do share in carrying around a pager.
  * Contribute throughout the full stack, from provisioning services and
    core infrastructure, to the analytics dashboard and customer portal.
  * Participate in discussions about software and product design.

## Benefits

  * Self-Direction: You'll have a high-degree of
    autonomy to work on what you think is most interesting and valuable.
  * Open Source: We try to contribute as much of our work as possible to
the open source ecosystem.
  * Full-Stack: We write software in many languages (Haskell, Go, Ruby,
    JavaScript) across the stack (front-end, middleware, distributed
backends, monitoring).
  * Hard Problems: We have plenty of unsolved distributed systems
problems and lots
    of data.
  * Flexible Hours: Work where and when is best for you.

To apply, e-mail jobs at memcachier.com with a resume, cover letter and
other supporting materials.

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