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Jerzy Karczmarczuk jerzy.karczmarczuk at unicaen.fr
Wed Sep 28 23:00:58 UTC 2016

Le 28/09/2016 à 23:39, Olaf Klinke a écrit :

> I did not intend to start a Python-bashing thread. Most people on this list will agree on which language is superior.
Do you really need to issue religious statements on this forum? Please...
It is as bad, or worse than such claims as "from XXX you cannot learn 
anything useful!"
> /.../ it seems that Vector is reasonably efficient nowadays. But what should I use to solve A*x = b? This is a problem so basic that is should be solved by a basic library.
Are you sure? The same "basic" library for a 3*3 equation, and for some 
enormous radiosity computation, and for ill-conditioned matrices, and 
for equations with constraints, and for Moore-Penrose pseudoinverses, 
and ...  etc. ? ...

Libraries must, and will evolve and adapt/split, since new algorithms 
are constructed every week.
And if you like cute citations, such as "doing one thing well" (of 
course, everybody knows the meaning of "well", which is universal and 
eternal, no?...), I'll give you my favourite:

"There is one truth, which should be obvious to everybody: - *all* truth 
which is obvious to some, is far from being obvious to others".

Jerzy Karczmarczuk

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