[Haskell-cafe] Issue with building executables using Cabal on Travis

Geraldus heraldhoi at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 09:00:40 UTC 2016

Hey Paolo!  Thank you!  Yes, after a closer look I found that executable is
built indeed, and error occurs somewhere after `cabal test` command.
Running `cabal sdist` (in project root) locally yields exact same error!
And you're right I've followed the instructions from Stack's docs and
copy-pasted entire script (though I've made some changes to have GHCJS
build too).

Finally, thanks to you Paolo, I've spotted typos in cabal script.  As you
can see I have `Transient/Move` in extra source files section, however in
executable section there are `Transient/Monitor` by mistake.  After fixing
that now `sdist` command succeeds locally!

Very appreciate!

сб, 17 сент. 2016 г. в 3:48, Paolo Giarrusso <p.giarrusso at gmail.com>:

> On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:13:44 PM UTC+2, Артур Файзрахманов
> wrote:
>> Hi Café!
>> Recently we added an executable section to our Transient-Universe package
>> and now Travis cabal builds always failing.  The error message is:
>> In-place registering transient-universe-0.3.4...
>> Preprocessing executable 'monitorService' for transient-universe-0.3.4...
>> [1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( src/server/Transient/Monitor/Services/MonitorService.hs, dist/build/monitorService/monitorService-tmp/Main.o )
>> Linking dist/build/monitorService/monitorService ...
>> No errors or warnings could be found in the package.
>> Re-configuring with test suites enabled. If this fails, please run configure
>> manually.
>> Resolving dependencies...
>> Configuring transient-universe-0.3.4...
>> Package has no buildable test suites.
>> Building source dist for transient-universe-0.3.4...
>> Preprocessing library transient-universe-0.3.4...
>> Preprocessing executable 'monitorService' for transient-universe-0.3.4...
>> cabal: src/client/Transient/Move/Services/MonitorService.hs: does not exist
>> Installing library in
>> /home/travis/.cabal/lib/x86_64-linux-ghc-7.10.2/transient-universe-0.3.4-2OztnD6ZM7W2H3eixltaJX
>> Installing executable(s) in /home/travis/.cabal/bin
>> Warning: The directory /home/travis/.cabal/bin is not in the system search
>> path.
>> cabal: The file does not exist 'transient-universe-0.3.4.tar.gz'.
>> (Full log —
>> https://travis-ci.org/agocorona/transient-universe/jobs/160441018, you
>> can see that other Cabal builds fail with same error, however all Stack
>> builds are fine).
> Not sure if you figured (you already reverted the change in
> https://github.com/agocorona/transient-universe/pull/16), but the key
> error is
> cabal: src/client/Transient/Move/Services/MonitorService.hs: does not exist
> and the error message is correct. The tricky bit is that this only fails
> when you run cabal sdist, not in the normal workflow—I remember being hit
> by this at some point.
> IIUC you're using the Travis config stack suggests (which in turn comes
> HVR's config)—maybe that needs more docs to help troubleshooting? That's
> full of subtleties that you don't learn by copy-pasting it.
> Cheers,
> Paolo
>> This is a chunk of cabal file:
>> extra-source-files: src/client/Transient/Move/Services/MonitorService.hs
>>                     src/server/Transient/Move/Services/MonitorService.hs
>> executable monitorService
>>   build-depends: base >4 && <5
>>   if !impl(ghcjs >=0.1)
>>     hs-source-dirs: src/server/Transient/Monitor/Services
>>     build-depends: transformers
>>                  , transient >=0.4.4
>>                  , transient-universe
>>   else
>>     hs-source-dirs: src/client/Transient/Monitor/Services
>>   main-is:      MonitorService.hs
>>   default-language:  Haskell2010
>>   ghc-options:  -threaded -rtsopts
>> Have anyone faced similar issue?
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