[Haskell-cafe] Standard package file format

Imants Cekusins imantc at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 06:54:14 UTC 2016

> Give users and packager devs a choice of config file formats /
> Why is this even a goal? On the contrary, I see this as an anti-goal,
because it leads to useless creativity and fragmentation.
such creativity and fragmentation may actually give benefits.

can MVC [1] be relevant here?

currently both config content (let's call it a *model*) and representation (
*view*: specific config file type) are bundled.

if a common *model *is agreed on*,* package tool and IDE devs could pick
any *view (*format*)* that best suits their / users needs.

such fragmentation would not break the workflow. If someone thinks of a
convenient format and believe it worth their time to write a *controller*
for it, why not?

[1] mvc
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