[Haskell-cafe] Off-the-shelf Configurable BFT

Jonn Mostovoy jm at memorici.de
Sat Oct 22 14:52:51 UTC 2016

Dear all,
we're implementing a variant of cryptocurrency with deleged forgers.
It is distributed in building ledger and decentralized in nodes
participating jn forming transactions.
For this we would need to have a BFT algorithm to govern the views on the
network and deal with partitions.
Implementation has to be industrial-strength and used in production.
We're willing to contribute actively to such implementation development.
We're looking at HoneyBadgerBFT as an ideal candidate, but it's not
implemented in Haskell.
The only BFT algorithm implementation we found is a toy RaftBFT

If you have an opensource BFT implementation, or proprietary BFT
implementation you would like to trade, please report those implementations

If you need more details on our use case, don't hesitate to ask. Everything
we do is open source and me or my colleagues will gladly answer any
questions you might have.

Sincerely yours,
Jonn Mostovoy,
Cardano SL Project Managet at IOHK | Serokell

https://serokell.io https://iohk.io
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