[Haskell-cafe] 1-to-many preprocessor in stack/Cabal builds

Andrey Sverdlichenko blaze at ruddy.ru
Mon Mar 7 18:45:56 UTC 2016

Hi Edward,

I can do with current Cabal, it is just a lot of boilerplate and
What I would like to have as an ideal solution for my problem is a
preprocessor interface similar to PPSuffixHandler, but with extra
It should receive one file as an input, but be able to generate multiple
modules with the names of its own choosing. And I want the resulting
modules to be added to all build steps automatically. So it should looks
approximately like this:

data SmartPreProcessor = SmartPreProcessor {
    platformIndependent :: Bool,
    runPreProcessor :: (FilePath, FilePath) -- Location of the source file
relative to a base dir
                    -> Verbosity            -- verbosity
                    -> FilePath             -- output base dir
                    -> IO [FilePath]        -- output sources files. Should
exit if the preprocessor fails

There may be design objections to such preprocessor, but again, this is an
ideal solution to my problem.

On Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at 11:55 PM Edward Z. Yang <ezyang at mit.edu> wrote:

> Hello Andrey,
> I do not know what the right way to sovle your problem is, but if it is
> indeed the case that this cannot be done with Cabal, speaking as a Cabal
> developer, we definitely should try to fix this.  A bug report
> would be much appreciated.
> > So, I have buildHook, copyHook and regHook replaced with wrappers which
> > change PackageDescription parameter and call original function. Library
> is
> > built and installed, but somewhere between build and copy actions there
> is
> > still a message "Warning: modules not listed in foo.cabal for library
> > component (add to other-modules)". I can't identify where it comes from.
> I'm pretty sure this message comes from Stack; src/Stack/Types/Package.hs.
> Cheers,
> Edward
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