[Haskell-cafe] good choice for random number generator ?

briand at aracnet.com briand at aracnet.com
Tue Jul 26 04:35:44 UTC 2016

On Mon, 25 Jul 2016 22:30:24 +0300
Oleg Grenrus <oleg.grenrus at iki.fi> wrote:

> Seems that `vector-random-0.2` is incompatible with new fusion implementation of `vector-0.11`
> Also due “recent” GHC being more strict about pragmas, build fails for all GHC >=7.2
> Data/Vector/Random/Mersenne.hs:85:5:
>     The INLINE pragma for default method `random' lacks an accompanying binding
> I edited bounds on Hackage to disallow invalid build-plans.

Do you think it's fixable by going through and updating pragmas and such, or does it require a more involved rewrite ?


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