[Haskell-cafe] library for set of heterogeneous values?

Doug Burke dburke.gw at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 07:06:00 UTC 2016

Frames - http://acowley.github.io/Frames/ - is built on top of vinyl and
provides one way to access data either as an array of structures or a
structures of arrays. I'm on my phone (hence the use of top posting) so I
can't productively check whether it allows the kind of filtering you were
asking for.


On Fri, Aug 12, 2016, 01:18 Anthony Clayden <anthony_clayden at clear.net.nz>

> > I don't know if they're at all suitable for your purposes,
> > but you should look (at least for inspiration) at both
> > vinyl and dependent-map.
> Thanks David,
> vinyl is a record 'solution', not a set-of-records
> repository
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