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On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 2:57 AM, Johannes Waldmann <
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> > https://twitter.com/headinthebox/status/652834731806052352
> This mentions    and :: Foldable t => t Bool -> Bool
> as an example of "abstract nonsense".
I find it sad... that people like Erik Meijer, Mark Lentczer... (even Doug
McIllroy recently demonstrated that there are 2⁹⁹ dialects of haskell!!)
are not being heeded
And this complaint could be greatly alleviated with one little leaf drawn
from racket -- language-packs: teachpacks
Along with the single lightweight directive #lang

It may naturally be asked how is #lang different from ghc's language "-X"
A teachpack would be a bunch of coherent -X options maybe along with a
suitable prelude
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